Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucylou Sunshine Jones

Meet the newest member of the Jones Family!

The family grew by one on Monday, April 23 2012. The kids, mostly Landon, have been asking for a little dog forever. I mean, like, a year or more! Kelly and I knew we would get the kids a pet someday but had not really discussed when. We already have a big, black lab named Drake. I have never really mentioned him because he is more of a hunting dog. We got him the first year of our marriage and Kelly trained him to duck hunt. So, Drake has never really been a family dog. 

Lucy had been living at a construction site. Her mom got killed. A parent at school, whose backyard backs up to the school playground, was contacted because she has been known to foster and find homes for lost animals. I think she was trying to find a home for her when the kids were at recess.  I saw Landon's teacher, Mrs. Lavelle, in the hall with the cutest dog ever! When I saw her, I knew she needed to come home with us! Mrs. Lavelle said she already named her Lucy. We walked down to my room to call Kelly. When Kelly answered I said "Whatca doing?" He said "at the store buying dog food." In my head I thought thats a sign!! Well, one thing led to another and it was decide that Lucy was coming home with us! Landon was so thrilled when he found out! Every kindergartener had already seen, played, and petted her. You could just see that she was so sweet. If you know me very well, you know that I don't just love animals and don't usually connect with them. I told Landon that we could change her name if he wanted. She rode home with us in a laundry basket and we decided that we liked the name Lucy and that should be her name. We took her straight to the vet and got her all checked out. They said she is about three months old and part dachshund part something else. All cute for sure!

Landon is doing really well at being responsible and is helping a lot. He loves her! He loves her so much that he cried all the way to school Tuesday because he was going to miss her so bad. He also asked me if there was a bring your pet to school day!

Lucy's first bath! Kelly said that she was going to be my dog and I had to do all the care for her. So far he is a dog hog! He is smitten with Lucy!

Allie Ruth can't say her L sound very well yet... So she calls her Wucee!
She says "Wucee, come sit in my wap!" 

Lucy is already so spoiled but fitting in the family just fine!


  1. Oh cute is she! I love her story! I'm sure she's a great addition to your already awesome family.

  2. Lucy's so cute! And I'm not a dog person, either! Your kids look so in love with her - so sweet!