Monday, April 23, 2012

They say...

The best camera you have is the one you have with you. If I didn't feel slightly awkward, I would carry around my dslr and take pictures of my kids every move. But, thankfully I have my iphone. I waited years to get an iphone and I love her  it! I am also addicted to instagram! Here's a few pictures of what has been happening lately, iphone style:
1. Allie Ruth looking cute one day after school.
2. Landon climbed up in the tree, so Allie Ruth had to also. She wasn't so glad once she got up there!
3. Park playground.
4. Kelly's uncle gave Landon a bigger bike!
5. Just because I think she is the cutest girl around!
6. First ever T-ball practice. Loved it!
7. Going to the store in her car.
8. My babies crib before I took it apart.
9. Allie Ruth said YAY! This mama is still sad!

10. Landon is so sweet.
11. See... even to his sister.
12. He can READ!!  I am so amazed and proud!
13. Meme has been in the hospital, but is home and doing better!
14. Playing at a new park during Landon's T ball practice.
15. There are not many things cuter than a little one in sandals!
16. Chillin!
17. Running bases!
18. Batter up!

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