Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tut Tut Tuesday!

This week has a bonus tutorial! So you're welcome! Just kidding:) I was just excited about this and everything was ready to post!


I'm going to show you the steps to make your own infinity scarf. An infinity scarf is basically just a large circle of fabric that you wrap around your neck a couple of times. They are very popular right now and can be worn pretty much all seasons except summer! I have seen a couple of versions at one of my favorite stores, Forever 21. My scarf is made out of one of my husbands t-shirts. Thanks Hon!

Materials needed:
- a t-shirt that you don't need anymore (or that you think your husband doesn't need anymore)
 If you want to be really daring, you could mix colors of the t-shirt.
- scissors, thread, pins, sewing machine, measuring tape. 

Bye Bye t-shirt!

Cut the shirt into strips. My pieces were 7'' wide. It really doesn't matter the length of the piece of material as long as they are the same width. They can also be wider if you like, that part is up to you.

I ended up with 10 strips that were 15'' long and 7'' wide.

Sew half of your strips of fabric end to end until you have one long piece. Repeat with second half of strips of fabric. A plus of using this t shirt material is that it stays in place so you don't need to pin it much. 

 So now you will have two long pieces of sewn together fabric. They are really the same length, but I had them clipped on the hanger uneven. oops:)
Now put the two long strips of fabric together with the wrong side facing out. Sew them together but leave an end open. 

Next you will use that opening to pull the right side of the fabric to the outside. Once your fabric is all put into place you will sew the ends together. 

I just sewed these two ends together but I wish now I had tucked them into each other and then sewn them together that way. But it really doesn't matter because you can just place this seam on the back of your neck and no one will notice. 

Now you should have a big circle of fabric!

Some things to remember when working with t-shirt fabric is that it gets a lot of lint in your sewing machine and this can cause problems. It can make your thread bunch up and not sew correctly. I use a small paint brush to clean out the fuzz. I did this several times during this project. Also you really need to make sure you have your stitch settings correct before you begin, so practice on some scrap fabric to be sure they are correct. 

You can get really creative with the colors of your scarf and the way you wear it. The possibilities are endless with the infinity scarf! Get it? LOL!!

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