Monday, January 31, 2011


Allie Ruth learned how to dress herself in Landon's clothes and Landon learned how to crack an egg!

Allie Ruth also kept telling me today was Saturday! It was like she knew we did not have to go to school. I knew the weather was going to be nice today so I had been telling the kids that we were going to the Zoo. Got to love Memphis weather- Snowed Wednesday, high of 65 on Saturday. After we cooked breakfast and played around the house, we headed out for our Zoo trip with Uncle Bub!

Allie Ruth wanted no part of a stroller or the wagon! 

All the animals were out enjoying the nice weather!

Memaw's apartment building in the background!

What a pretty day!
We looked at the animals for about two hours and then went and got lunch and took Uncle Bub back home. We were not ready to be done at the zoo and since we bought a membership, we went back and had Mimmie meet us. She had been across the street at Memaw's apartment.

Landon is wearing his adventure vest! Last weekend we went to Tucker's birthday party and Tucker got one of these and Landon really wanted one. He got it has a reward for taking all of his antibiotics for his ear infection. Yes, I bribe my children. Allie Ruth has not been feeling well, either. I took her to the doctor on Friday afternoon. She has been running a low fever and has an ear infection also. Despite all that, it was a great weekend. It was nice to have a taste of Spring weather!


  1. If Allie Ruth learned how to dress herself in Landon's clothes,............Why is it PINK?????

  2. I learned how to crack eggs----all 36 of them---- in my uncle's henhouse. My bottom was sore!