Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial Thursday!

Homemade Salt Scrub

A good exfoliator is essential for my hands during the winter. You can buy salt scrubs for around $30 , or you can just make your own for a fraction of the cost! I made 10 jars for just under $10. Salt scrubs are the easiest home spa product to make. It also makes a great little gift for your friends. 

Prep time: 5 minutes

- 1/2 cup oil. Use sweet almond, grapeseed, or another light- textured  massage oil. Don't use simple cooking oil from your pantry. You can find this oil at your local health food store, such as, Whole foods.
- 1 cup fine sea salt. Don't use simple table salt- its too harsh. If you have sensitive skin you can substitute sugar, which is gentler. 
- 5-15 drops essential scented oil. The oil you choose for your salt scrub depends on the result you want. Lavender is relaxing, lemon is refreshing and rosemary is stimulating. I got my oil from Hobby Lobby.
  (Don't forget your  printed 40% off coupon if its not on sale.)


Put the salt (or sugar) in a small bowl.

Add the oil, mixing well with a spoon or wooden stick. The texture should be moist enough to hold together, but not overly oily. You can adjust the amount of oil to achieve that texture. 

Gently tap in the drops of oil and combine well. If you are interested in aromatherapy you can customize your recipe using different oils. 

So now you are ready to use your home-made salt scrub! 

If you don't have access to the cute little jars like I did, you can use small canning jars. They can be purchased at the grocery store in the canning area. You can get really crafty and make the labels in apple works or google printable salt scrub labels. I got the ones above from Martha Stewart. Make some scrub for yourself and a friend. Everyone could use a little happy during these blah winter months!

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