Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On a lighter note...


                                       I inherited the mother-load of sewing stuff!!

My grandmother made quilts. Therefore, she had a ton of sewing supplies! Such as: any color thread you could ever want, thimbles, needles, rules, etc.!!! I am the proud owner of her sewing box! And since she made quilts, she had a ton of scrap fabric! 

I went through and picked out all of the fabric that was still big enough for me to make something for Allie Ruth. I gotta get busy! 

Another reminder of my Memaw that I really wanted was this basket: 

She kept it beside her recliner and would quilt while watching t.v. Memaw made a quilt for everyone. All the daughters have one and all of the grandkids have a quilt made by Memaw. I am sure there are more.  Inside the basket is thread, scissors, and quilt patterns that Memaw made. There are also pieces of quilt squares that have not been completed.  You can tell where she had to stop and just could not do it anymore. This makes me sad for her.  I am going to finish this quilt one day. 

Oh and come to find out, this basket was made by my Aunt Brenda! Its really well made! Who knew?
I predict the completion of the quilt will be a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time to come. It looks like a major task. I can't believe someone made so many quilts! Should be interesting! And lastly, the buttons.

These are buttons. They are not THE buttons, but they are buttons. I am glad to have them and like my cousins' husband said (who we just met and LOVE) "its just stuff." and it is just stuff. And like my Mom says " I  have my memories in my heart and I can pull them out any time I want."

It's fun to have new/ old sewing stuff! 

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  1. I like to think they were some she kept hidden... just for YOU! :)

    Love you, Krista